Electric Collection

Enjoy the Ease of Electric Comfort with Our Adjustable Beds

Welcome to the Electric Collection by Kozee Sleep, where sleep technology meets comfort to redefine your sleep experience.
Our Electric Collection specialises in Adjustable Beds, offering a revolutionary 5-point system that allows for unparalleled personalisation and support along with naturally hypoallergenic fillings to help reduce allergens.

Crafted with precision, our adjustable beds feature low-energy-consuming electric motors capable of lifting up to 150kg, ensuring effortless customisation to meet your individual preferences.

Pairing seamlessly with our adjustable bases, our mattresses are available in two exceptional options: a 1000-pocket spring System or a Memory Foam variant. Both options feature a castellated foam surface designed to distribute pressure evenly, providing optimal support and comfort.

Convenience meets technology with our cordless and remote-control-operated motorized beds, providing you with the ideal sleeping arrangement at the touch of a button. Please note that these adjustable beds require a mains power connection to operate.

Experience the epitome of relaxation and versatility with our Electric Collection, where cutting-edge bed design and comfort converge to create a sleep sanctuary tailored to your unique needs.

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