Memory Collection

Tailored Comfort with Advanced Memory Foam Technology

Introducing Kozee Sleep’s Memory Collection – a fusion of 1000 to 2000 pocketed spring units and 2 layers of complementary memory foam technology together with a luxurious design tailored to elevate your sleep to new heights.

Each mattress in this collection shares a common commitment to providing an exceptional memory foam experience ranging from medium to firm feel to deliver a perfect blend of support, comfort, and innovation.

Mattresses in our Memory Collection are crafted with 2 premium layers of 40mm Memory Foam (65mm in Memory Plus) and 40mm Reflex Foam for a blissful night’s sleep, ensuring unparalleled comfort and customised support tailored to your unique body contours.

With features like micro-quilted panels, luxurious quilted finishes, and side-stitched complimentary borders, the Memory Collection mattresses boast exquisite craftsmanship to provide you with a sleep experience like no other.

Advanced Cooling Technology
Kozee Sleep takes comfort to the next level with the Ice Cool series. Offering a range of spring count options and Ice Sleep Fabric with integrated cool yarn. This innovative technology not only transfers heat away but also creates a cool-to-touch effect, ensuring a refreshing and temperature-regulated night’s sleep.

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